PORTER x B Jirushi Yoshida – A-Un Series Tote Bag

By - May 18th, 2010

PORTER x B Jirushi Yoshida   A Un Series Tote Bag

Roughly translated a-un (阿吽) in Japanese means to harmonize with another person. With that in mind, this tote bag series from PORTER and B Jirushi Yoshida can be seen as a harmonization between the user and the tote bag.

The whole project started with a simple thought that questioned the reasoning behind two handles on standard tote bags. To answer their own curiosity, they had spent time to develop a tote bag design that was not in existence until now. A single handle tote bag is the result and the A-Un series was born. Using a heavy cotton bag portion in black, white or navy colors and produced in three sizes of large, medium and small. Handle has been carefully crafted out of cow hide with crack treatment to add more character to each piece. Currently these are available at Beams online shop in Japan.

PORTER x B Jirushi Yoshida   A Un Series Tote Bag