Reebok x EMPORIO ARMANI – EA7 Apparel Collection

By - May 19th, 2010

Stipulated: The gym is filled with fit people or people on the way of installing some serious six-packs into their midriff. Stipulated: The gym is filled with people who care about taking care of themselves and are not too lazy to tear their bottoms off couches. Stipulated: Gym membership is may not be the most affordable thing in the planet, so is filled with people who are financially resourceful. With these points taken into consideration, the gym space can be deduced to be one of the best places to meet people, and, in Coco Chanel’s bites of sartorial wisdom, one always wants to look good for a date with destiny.

That being said, Reebok and Italian fashion house, Emporio Armani is out to change the game for sportswear, by infusing a sense of Italian sophistication and upscale luxury into sporting gear. The matrimony between Emporio Armani and Reebok gives rise to a capsule collection of apparel and shoes, EA7/Reebok, as well as a high-end line of footwear, Reebok x Emporio Armani.

The EA7/Reebok apparel is inspired by the concept of fusing sports and fashion, and having apparel that will go together seamlessly with the footwear. In true Emporio Armani’s aesthetics, luxurious fabrics that drape and hug at all the right places have been fused with Reebok’s cutting edge technology to produce sporting gear with an opulent touch. The detailing that goes into draping and those that are inspired by crocodile skin changes according to movement inspire a new dynamic depth to how the apparel responds in motion, and how the wearer looks when in motion. In terms of technology, numerous pieces including the men’s running top and women’s harem pants come with PlayDry technology, and men’s running shorts come equipped with X-statics which keeps the shorts anti-bacterial, anti-static, odor-free and thermo-regulated even in the most rigorous work out.

The collection is quite subdued in terms of colorway and takes pride in complexity through manipulating silhouette, fabrication, draping and cut. The collection makes use of the palette Emporio Armani is most well-known for– a sophisticated blend of cool greys, blacks, and white, with just that occasional pop of brights that are not overused and turn out to be more as accents than scene-stealer. The collection consists of every imaginable piece one might take to the gym, from sweat pants to shorts, tees, track jackets and hoodies. The best thing about this collection is that it can be easily worn from the gym in the morning to a swanky Sunday brunch. EA7/Reebok is set to hit select gyms and stores in August, so those who have been looking for options to replace the white Hanes undershirt and college basketball shorts are in luck.

Jacqueline Camacho
Jacqueline Camacho

Soy de Mexico y me encantan los diseños quiero saber como los consigo gracias!!