Rob Dyrdek Unveils 7-Eleven Urban Skate Store & Opens “Safe Spot Skate Spot”

By - May 19th, 2010

In North Hollywood, skaters and 7-Eleven share an interesting bond. Perhaps as a pit shop of refueling after pushing for hours on end, falling, crashing, trying and succeeding, or perhaps as a hangout to get a quick blast of air conditioning before heading out in the sun again, the 7-Eleven on Magnolia Boulevard across from the North Hollywood Park is quite popular amongst skaters. In paying homage to the sport of skating and skaters, 7-Eleven has revamped the popular Magnolia Boulevard store into an Urban Skate Store with the help of professional skater/reality show star Rob Dyrdek of MTV’s Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory. Also, across the street, Dyrdek had opened a “Safe Spot Skate Spot” location in the North Hollywood Park, so skaters can have a safe place and good equipment to perfect their craft.

The new “Safe Spot Skate Spot” Skate Plaza was realized with the help of a generous $250,000 donation from 7-Eleven to the Rob Dyrdek Foundation, and the 15,000-square-foot park is set to become one of the premier skateboarding destinations in the country. The partnership between Dyrdek and 7-Eleven goes both ways, as the new 7-Eleven Urban Skate Store will not only host your regular 7-Eleven merchandise, but also offer exclusive Wild Grinders merchandise. The exterior of the store has been made over with Wild Grinders graphics, and to celebrate the occasion, Dyrdek has also designed a special Wild Grinders Slurpee cup which will be sold exclusively at 7-Eleven nationwide this Fall.

Yesterday, Dyrdek opened the skate park and unveiled the new 7-Eleven Urban Skate Store by meeting with fans and skaters, and also gave away free exclusive 7-Eleven/Wild Grinders merchandise such as T-shirts, cups and keychains. Alongside councilmember Tom LaBonge and 7-Eleven Francisee Koorosh Shahrokh, the new skate park and renovated 7-Eleven are now in business and skating is officially in session. Check out recap pictures from yesterday, and do drop by the new skate park to practice safe grinding! via: WireImage


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