BRABUS T65 RS – Mercedes SL 65 AMG Black Series Tune Up

By - May 20th, 2010

What makes this Mercedes-Benz SL 65 AMG Black Series special is that it is the only one of its kind in the world to be tuned by German tuning house, Brabus. The one-off sports car is dubbed T65 RS and features even more performance and aesthetic improvements on the already top-of-the-line Mercedes.

This SL65 AMG is equipped with two high performance turbo chargers with four inter-coolers and two special exhaust manifolds to speed up the cooling process. To further enhance its performance, the ECU has also been reprogrammed to maximize the engine’s potential. These upgrades result in a whooping 588kw (788bhp/800ps) at 5,500 rpm. Maximum torque is measured at 1,420nm (1,047 lb-ft). According to Brabus, the vehicle should travel from 0 – 100km in just 3.6 seconds and reaching 200km/h in just 9.8 seconds. Speeds can reach well over 33km/h but for safety sake, it is electronically limited to 320km/h, which is still by no means slow. Custom interior finishes the one off and keep in mind that all of the parts used on this vehicle is available for purchase as well from Brabus. via: WCF