Dazed & Confused – “Plastic Fantastic” Nike Editorial

By - May 20th, 2010

A dazzling affair, Dazed & Confused put their own spin on sportswear styling, and created a Plastic Fantastic editorial featuring Nike’s environmentally soccer kit created from recycled plastic bottles. The photo shoot has turned out to be a visually intriguing spread consisting of overlaying, translucent images of Charlie Westerberg, Jamie Richards and Korrel dressed in the latest Nike gear, and in motion. These images, in an overexposed fashion, conveys a feeling of fragility, of ephemera, and also of powerful impact from the splatter of shatters. Check out the editorial by Sharif Hamza, and see a more avant garde rendition of soccer fever.via: The Fashionisto

Teri Hutchinson
Teri Hutchinson

There were girls in this editorial also, where are they? Please post those pictures also.