OUTLIER – 60/30 Khakis | Available Now

By - May 20th, 2010

OUTLIER   60/30 Khakis | Available Now

The history of clothes, like history of mankind, is filled with trials and tribulations. Take the versatile khaki chinos. A common sight on the streets today, the lowly khaki (“dust colored” in Urdu) was the solution to reduce ambush stemmed from British military uniforms’ high visibility. Now, centuries later, the “original” camouflage propagated to the general population. However, anyone could tell you, not all khakis are made the same….

Entered Brooklyn-base OUTLIER, whose hunt for betterment led them to the 60/30 fabric, a contemporary take of the original Sierra Designs edition by George Marks and Bob Swanson. A blend of 64% cotton and 29% nylon, bound around a elastane core (other 7%), the 60/30 Khaki by OUTLIER is the ideal wear for practically any environment. As a bonus, a nano-tech treatment heighten the khaki’s resistance to dirt, water, or just about everything that comes your way. The OUTLIER 60/30 Khaki comes in the traditional Tan or Olive and are available at OUTLIER’s online store.

OUTLIER   60/30 Khakis | Available Now

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