Umbro World Champions Collection – 7 Artists, 7 Crests, 7 Beautiful Women…

By - May 20th, 2010

umbro world champions collection 00

With an indomitable tradition gained during the last 85 years, Umbro is proud to present a retrospective of sort this World Cup year with its new World Champions Collection, a limited edition series featuring collaboration with local artists from 7 nations that previous won the much desired title. Serve as an alternative to the traditional team jerseys; the collection highlights more of the off-field, lifestyle aspect of the loyal soccer fan. Artists created crests and emblems less about lineages and royalties, instead, more on the true fanatical fans and their associations. Commissioned artists include:

ZZK Records Argentina
Fernando Chamarelli Brazil
Ben Eine England
Andre (Monsieur A) France
Thomas Marecki (Marok) Germany
Tanino Liberatore Italy
Martin Albronoz Uruguay

For a more “sensual” take of the collection, Umbro enlisted 7 beauties, wives or girlfriends of prominent soccer players, as model for each kit.

Luli Fernandez Argentina
Susan Werner Brazil
Abbey Clancy England
Charlene Suric France
Julia Goedicke Germany
Alice Bregoli Italy
Zaira Nara Uruguay

Though not as risqué as Page 3 tabloid models, the images are still racy enough to raise some eyebrows. High-resolution images, crests, models, and wallpapers are all downloadable here.


umbro world champions collection 01

alice bregoli italy 01

Umbro World Championship Collection - Alice Bregoli (Italy)

tanino liberatore crest italy 01

Umbro World Championship Collection - Tanino Liberatore (Italy Crest)

susan werner brazil 01

Umbro World Championship Collection - Susan Werner (Brazil)

fernando chamarelli crest brazil 01

Umbro World Championship Collection - Fernando Chamarelli (Brazil Crest)

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The Answer

i'll pick Luli Fernandez (Argentina)