adidas adiCup 2010 New York | Event Recap

By - May 24th, 2010

adidas  adiCup 2010  New York | Event Recap

The high pitch shrill of “GGGOOOAAALLLL!!!” echoed across the field didn’t come from fanatical soccer fan or an accented sports announcer.  It came from a 7-year old, all but a mere 4-foot, 5-inch tall girl on the sideline, barking support for her dad on the field at Saturday’s adidas adiCup 2010 New York.

As an air horn pierced the temperate late spring sky, it marked the start of adiCup 2010 New York, the first leg of a 4-city tour.  Took place within the sprawling facility of Pier 40 at New York City’s West Side, the tournament saw 28 teams pitched against one another for the ultimate prize bragging rights and a trip to World Cup next month. For the teams and members, all stemmed from the creative community, it was no longer a battle of wits and cerebral capacity,  but that of brute force and strength.  Competitors came as far as California, like those led by James Bond of UNDFTD,  who flew in just for the opportunity to size up their East Coast counterparts.  Others, like Theme Magazine and Tokion, formed alliance to increase the odd at winning.  All the while, fans and supporters enjoyed free brews and food along the embankments of the field.

Shadowed by a large screen projector with live European matches, players took to the 3 fields.  All with identical caliber of skills, talents and perseverance till the 3rd Round when the elimination started.  The Krauts, with its Germanic brew inspired uniforms and a spin-off of Chinatown Soccer Club, was sent home.  So was CSC itself, along with United Bamboo, Complex F.C., and VICE F.C. Even PsyOp, with its 50+ strong cheer-leading squad in their vibrant yellow + reflective tees, could not prevent the team from its demise.  Few of the favorites to win, Bowery United and 2-time winner Syrup Kids, also bowed out during the semi-finals.  In the end, there were two – a relative newcomer, Diner Old Boys, and Supreme Records, formerly known as Chez.

A rapid succession of exchange and counter-exchange, both teams dished out all the moves – fake-step over, hello-goodbye, lean cut, and etc… Around the 15-minute mark into the game, a breakthrough.  A right corner kick with just enough force for the ball to rolled beyond the firm reach of Supreme Records‘ goalie became the one and the only one point scored during the game.  A slew of fierce retributions came in the forms of several close calls, all answered by Diner Old Boys‘ goalie till the clock ran out.  And 7 hours after the tournament started, a champion and several runner-ups.

Best Uniform Design: Opening Ceremony (2 Years In The Row)
Best Team Spirit: PsyOp (4 Years In The Row)
Overall Runner-Up: Supreme Records
adidas AdiCup 2010 New York Winner: Diner Old Boys

With the simple trophy in hand and ceremonial dousing of the Team Captain (no Gatorade so cooler water was used), the Diner Old Boys is making preparation for the final at Herzogenaurach, Germany, where the team will go against the best from 3 other cities, London, Berlin, and Tokyo. All eyes are on the prize, an all-paid trip to FIFA World Cup in South Africa on July 11th.

Interesting Facts on Saturday’s Game:

23C/76F sunny with some clouds – perfect football weather
2352 people attended the event
7680 beers were consumed
237 total goals scored
10-0 widest margin of victory united bamboo vs opening ceremony
2400 litres of water consumed

adidas  adiCup 2010  New York | Event Recap

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