Lego Felt-Tip Printer | Video

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Ingenious engineering, child's play or simply too much time to spare? For the maker of this LEGO printer, it might be a combination of all three plus a load of imagination. The dorkier ones among us would remember that LEGO has once made a line of toys called "Mindstorm", which combines both computer programming with LEGO's meticulously crafted building blocks to allow players to build their own robots with specific routines. However, this is not built from one of those sets. The printer, constructed from analog motor electronics, sensors, printer driver, USB interface, felt-tip coloring pen (in place of printer ink cartridges) and paper, is hooked up to an Apple Mac to actually print things off the computer. As amusing as it is watching the little LEGO characters slave their way printing a random graphic, watching the process in real time is quite excrutiating. The entertainment value and ingenuity of this project though, is quite unparalleled.

We are sure the makers of LEGO will be proud. Enjoy!