Freshjive - Special Edition LA Revenge T-Shirt | Sold Out

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Remember exactly two years ago when the Boston Celtics pounded the Los Angeles Lakers, which resulted in Kobe walking away angry. Lakers fans, which includes one of the pioneers of streetwear, Freshjive,  are back tonight with a vengeful passion. In approximately half an hour, the battle to win the NBA championship title and to settle score once and for all between Kobe and Pierce will begin. To prep for this glorious battle, Freshjive has released a special edition LA Revenge T-Shirt today, featuring names of a few key players on the Celtics teams crossed out in Lakers colorways, with an assertive "Revenge" stamped on the bottom. We can't really think of anything else better to wear for the next four games (or more if necessary), and apparently no one else can either because the t-shirts are all sold out. Perhaps as a terrible consolation, if Lakers do lose to the Celtics again, this wouldn't be such a bad t-shirt to miss out on.