Kicktionary iPhone Application

By - June 4th, 2010

IMG 8213 Kicktionary iPhone Application

“Do you remember a few years back there was this black and white with green striped Air Force 1…or it might be a Blazer…or could it be something else? Wait, what’s that pair of shoe called? Is it even Nike?” Perhaps a conversation or mind boggling moment which can happen to even the best of sneakerheads, now there is a solution to finding out more information on “that” pair of sneakers you are thinking about. And behold, no eBay or Google action is needed as long as you have your iPhone with you. Here comes the Kicktionary iPhone application, which as its namesake suggests, is all about the kicks.

The Kicktionary iPhone application is like an encyclopedia for kicks, chock-full of images and information ranging from name to make and release. No longer will there be a cliff-hanging moment for a sneakerhead in the midst of talking about kicks, the Kickionary iPhone application will be constantly updated to include as many kicks as humanly (or technologically) possible, and it is now available for download at the iTunes app store.

IMG 8204 Kicktionary iPhone Application

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Wilson Davalos
Wilson Davalos

This is a dope little app. I've found some great little gems. What is really impressive is the amount of images found. It would be nice if the developers would add a marketplace section so that people who own this app can sell or even trade with each other.