Incase – Experience Design Featuring Ron Radziner | Video

By - June 5th, 2010

Incase   Experience Design Featuring Ron Radziner | Video

In more than one ways, architects are the ideal artists and designers. Their abilities to mold the surroundings to their exact specification and to facilitate the finished product to masses are all what artists and designers strive for. Then, to do that time and time again, it is little wonder that the profession was viewed as God’s hands during ancient times.

In its latest campaign, to disseminate the importance of design and architecture through experiences, accessories maker Incase documented a short interview with Ron Radziner, the principle partner at Marmol Radziner. Winner of multiple awards, with 9 for last year alone, included the induction to Interior Design Magazine’s Hall of Fame, Marmol Radziner’s unyielding commitment to, in their own words, “…create architecture which reveals the client’s dreams, connects to the natural world, supports sustainable development, and revitalizes communities.” The interview showcased Radziner’s expressions on designs, architectures, functionality, and sustainability. In addition, it also highlight tool never available till the recent introduction of Apple iPad, the iPad App Layers. Embrace designs through the narrative of an architect.

Incase   Experience Design Featuring Ron Radziner | Video