Nike Air Max 1-A-Days By Matt Stevens

By - June 5th, 2010

Nike Air Max 1 A Days By Matt Stevens

Sometimes, it gets a little difficult to get things coordinated. Especially the wardrobe. Hence, when a girl decided to wear the same black dress for 365 days and accessorize it differently everyday, she attracted a large following and admiring nods. While the little black dress project is more pertinent to girls, designer Matt Stevens will be touching the hearts of sneakerheads everywhere with a similar project, but his venture is an embarkation on designing a pair of Nike Air Max 1 everyday for the next 365 days.

Taking inspiration from everything in life from cities to firearms, Stevens pairs his conceptual drawing with witty tag lines. Some can possibly be rendered into a pair of cool bespoke or customized kick, but some are more for the audience’s viewing pleasure– for instance, the Jason is simply a breakdown of the Air Max 1 into its architectural skeleton, and looks more like a cage than a wearable kick. Either way, sneakerheads will be able to stay entertained for the next year, so do check back with Stevens’ site for updates! images via: SN

Nike Air Max 1 A Days By Matt Stevens

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