adidas – adiCup Berlin | Event Recap

By - June 8th, 2010

adidas   adiCup Berlin | Event Recap

This coverage may begin with an intriguing Lionel Messi shrine at No. 74 Berlin. Sure, the quirky cool folks at No. 74 think that Argentinia football player, Lionel Messi is perhaps one of the greatest football player ever lived, but the shrine, while filled with admiration and good intentions, sing praises in a little strange, creepy way. However, the shrine also attests to Germany’s obsession with football, very much like the heated adidas adiCup to take place in Berlin does. There you go, Lionel Messi Shrine and adiCup Berlin are evidence that the German folks love their football. After closing off the fiery foot action in New York City and Tokyo (winners are the Diner Old Boys and C.A. Real Tokyo respectively), the competition moved back to the land of adidas, Germany. In Berlin, the creative types gathered on a sunny Saturday afternoon at Wrangelstr, Berlin to kick and score for a chance to compete in the adiCup finals and also for the opportunity to watch 2010 FIFA World Cup live in South Africa.

Approximately 1,000 people came out to support the sport and their friends and family. As people lounged around in the sun, enjoying a drink or two and children ran amok after rolling soccer balls, a winner, ANDREAS MÃœHE, was finally crowned after some controversy. Yes, now three finals teams have been finalized out of four. The tour will continue on to London, and after London, all four teams shall gather in adidas’s hometown and run, kick, pass and score for the once in a lifetime opportunity to see Lionel Messi in action. Live and breathing the same air, and none of that trying 3D broadcast gratification.

Check out the event recap photos, and don’t miss out on the Messi shrine. If you would like, paying respects to the photos below won’t be too inappropriate either.

adidas   adiCup Berlin | Event Recap

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