Stussy x James Jarvis – T-Shirts

By - June 9th, 2010

Stussy x James Jarvis   T Shirts

Stussy got together with graphic artist and illustrator James Jarvis out of London for several graphic t-shirts. The styles of both Stussy and Jarvis blend in harmony as the comical character becomes the focal point of the items. The Reasonable Volume design is a witty with the phrase that reads “Please play at a reasonable volume” and the character holding a large boom box. On the other hand the Keep Your Art design comments on the art world featuring the character with the same expressionless face. Lastly the Dance First design is a likable design that prompts for action and being active. All t-shirts come in various colorways that are vivid and highly wearable for Summer. via: Stussy ZOZO Chapter

Stussy x James Jarvis   T Shirts

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