A.R.C. x Umbro – World Champions Pop-Up Shop

By - June 11th, 2010

A.R.C. x Umbro   World Champions Pop Up Shop

Frolic among the Astroturf pitch this weekend as A.R.C. (ALIFE Rivington Club) welcomes the world to its footsteps. Ushering soccer hooligans and fashionistas alike, the Lower East Side institution marked the start of 2010 FIFA World Cup this morning with the opening of World Champions Pop-Up Shop. Co-sponsored by that old English pride, Umbro, the World Champions Pop-Up Shop is away-from-home clubhouse for expats living in New York City. Streamlined and futuristic with neon lighting and glass display, yet oddly homely with the artificial turf pitch. And for those who are unfamiliar with the world’s most popular sport, what better way to learn the lingos, the customs, or just wing it to impress the opposite sex. In addition to the limited edition World Champions Collection (beauties not included), the Pop-Up Shop will offer other exclusive A.R.C. x Umbro items, from penalty cards coasters, labeled beer cozies, water bottles, and a soccer fan must have whistles.

As part of the A.R.C. Sports storefront right across street from ALIFE, the World Champions Pop-Up Store opens Noon daily for the duration of 2010 FIFA World Cup. Swing by and share the fanaticism!

A.R.C. x Umbro World Champions Pop-Up Store

157 Rivington Street | Map
New York, NY 10002
TEL #: 212-253-8128

Opening Hours:
Monday – Saturday | Noon – 7 pm
Sunday | Noon – 6 pm

A.R.C. x Umbro   World Champions Pop Up Shop

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