Nike Basketball 2010 Media Summit Nike Basketball: Zoom Hyperfuse

By - June 11th, 2010

Nike Basketball 2010 Media Summit  Nike Basketball: Zoom Hyperfuse

The cat was out of the bag, sort of, when Shane Kohatsu, Innovation Lead at Nike Innovation Kitchen took center stage in Nike Basketball 2010 Media Summit and introduced the new Zoom Hyperfuse. Already saw great success on the field, especially on the feet of Boston Celtics Point Guard Rajon Rondo in these NBA Finals, the Hyperfuse is not just an exploration of new materials usage on performance footwears. It is an inauguration in new methods of how performance footwears are made.

Its creation is rooted in several fact-finding trips to Asia, specifically to China. There, Kohatsu, in addition with Fred Dojan, Senior Innovator of Nike Innovation Kitchen, realized most casual basketballers worn a myriad of footwear, a full gamut of hiking boots, running shoes, even sandals, everything except basketball sneakers. A tri-factors of needs by these player: traction, durability, and breathability, weren’t met by the existing products. So in turn, they looked elsewhere.

To address the issues, Kohatsu and Dojan used a multi-facet approach. Both switched out the traditional upper and materials. In their place, an unibody composite, where the sum of the parts is greater than just one. Divided to 3 essential zones stability layer, breathable mesh layer, and durable outer layer, the composite bears an unparallel range of functionalities strength, breathability, and lightweight.

The composite nature also meant a new construction method. Each layers are pre-fabricated on sheet of synthetic materials, cut-out, heat pressed, and assembled in parts. No stitching, no seams, and eliminate waste or by-products. Currently available within Nike Basketball offering, the Hyperfuse technology will translate to the rest of Nike product portfolio in the coming month.

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