Nike Sportswear Fall/Holiday 2010 Greater China Media Summit | Event Recap

By - June 11th, 2010

Nike Sportswear  Fall/Holiday 2010  Greater China Media Summit | Event Recap

Once upon a time, the Bund in Shanghai represented not just represented a western romanticism of the orient, it was also an international hub for culture and bustling economic activities. The Bund, lying serenely along the shores of the Huang Pu river, was quite literally where the world met and was determined to leave its mark– hence, the skyline of the Bund soon turned into an eclectic collection of architecture, culture and influences roped in from all over the world.

That is, until wars and a subsequent communist regime dimmed the spotlight on the Bund. Since approximately three decades ago, China has been establishing itself as one of the strongest nations and economic powers in the world, and the Bund has since then been revived into its former glory and more. Sure enough, newer, more contemporary buildings sprouted alongside new found cultures, beliefs and sentiments amongst the young. But, traces of the nostalgic old world still remains, and amongst the many landmarks lucky to have survived wars and regime changes is the Mitsui Bussan Building erected by the Japanese corporation who now has their business reaching different industries ranging from ship-building to oil and satellite communications.

It is in this historical landmark designed by architect Y. Hirano in 1903, more than a century ago that Nike Sportswear has chosen its stage for its Fall/Holiday 2010 Greater China Media Summit. Perhaps one could be reading a little to much into it, but the serendipity from pairing NSW’s Fall/Holiday 2010 theme of reviving the perennial sport of running with something that have withstood the test of time is quite perfect and romantic.

Indeed, like the Bund, NSW recalls a nostalgic time– the time of Athletics West programs started by Bill Bowerman in the late 70s–and revives it into contemporary relevance. The preview was attended by media who pilgrimaged from all over the greater China region including Taiwan, all-over China and Hong Kong. Of course, co-founder of Freshness, Dan Hwang, was at location as well, bringing everyone fresh updates from what to expect from Nike Sportswear in the upcoming seasons in greater details than previously previewed in footwear, apparel, and collaborations with Maharam.

The interior of the Mitsui Bussan Building has been transformed into a light-filled, contemporary space that retains traces of its former glory. Like the Nike Bowery Stadium, lockers have been installed in the exhibition space, perhaps conveying a renewed sense of community amongst sports players, bringing back the aged and raw locker room connection between those who share a passion for sports.

Stay tuned for more detailed updates on specific footwear and apparel to be previewed! For now, enjoy a quick recap of the summit and the event space.

Nike Sportswear  Fall/Holiday 2010  Greater China Media Summit | Event Recap

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