DRAKE & ALIFE Thank Me Now Event @ The A.R.C. x Umbro World Champions Space

By - June 15th, 2010

When is a beat too loud? When your ears begin to ring? Not yet When your chest cavity is doing rhythmic aerobic on its own? Not quite. You know when the beat is too loud when your heart begin to skip. And a performance worthy of such a feat? No less than ALIFE Courtyard Session lat evening with DJ A-TRAK and DRAKE . Hundred of invited begin the night by surging forward toward the stage, even before the 2 performers arrive in store. Once again, illustrate the popularity of the record-breaking DJ (5 times World Championship, 1st to win 3 major competition venues, and the youngest to win a title at age 15) and the young break out artist of the year. After the initial warm-up, the duo begin a perfectly chorography of rhythm and rhyme. With DJ A-TRAK at helm, carefully ease the pitch and raise the bass, DRAKE dishes out lyrics effortlessly, with a hint of spontaneity as if the song was written hours before. Interject in between, the former actor thank his fans as well as one of his earliest support, ALIFE. As a gesture of gratitude, the performer extend invitation to all those attending, even those uninvited, on stage with him for good old fashion backyard party. Life was never this fun!

Update: Due to safety concern and overcrowded condition.  New York Police Department canceled a free concert, featuring DRAKE, last evening at South Street Seaport.  In a follow-up interview with radio personality Funkmaster Flex, DRAKE stated “Today was my day and they (cops) took a piece of it”.