DURKL Sunglasses Collection

By - June 15th, 2010

durkl sunglasses all 570x427 DURKL Sunglasses Collection

It is hard to imagine the nation’s capital and the only state where people are taxed without representation would be any kind of fertile ground for urban culture. However, it is in the heart of Washington DC where a group of cycling and skate enthusiasts came together to create DURKL, which also gears their creation to suit their lifestyle. This summer, the label is into some shady business (no, not like that!) and has launched their first collection of sunglasses, the Main Event, and as the inscription on the inside of the arms cheekily stated, these are of “high quality” but “low standards” (so perhaps the least discriminating shades ever?).

DURKL’s first collection of sunglasses sports a generous, angular frame which is hand-crafted from acetate with steel barrel hinges and custom temple milling. The Main Event sunglasses also comes equipped with a saddle bridge for comfort, six base nylon lenses for 100% UV protection, and comes housed in a white microfiber pouch. Veering quite on the side of tough glamor and a little reminiscent of the sportier Armani shades, these are currently on sale online and at DURKL retailers worldwide. Check out the glasses in their own glory and as spotted by hip-hop veteran, Tabi Bonney and friend.

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Sorry bro, but stop trying to claim everything. Foamposites were a staple in Bmore first. Simple as that, and so were Airforce Ones. D.C is a melting pot for culture though. You hit the arrow on that one.


why exactly is it hard to imagine dc being a fertile ground for urban culture? its a large very urban city...the place has a history of streetwear brands and setting trends. foamposites for example took off in DC before anywhere else., and DURKL sure isnt the first brand to ever come from the nations capital.