KAWS Exhibition | The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum

By - June 15th, 2010

This summer, contemporary artist KAWS will be bringing his irreverence, wit, and humor– sometimes biting, sometimes challenging the appropriate– to his first museum solo exhibition at The Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum. This solo exhibition will not only showcase some of KAWS’ most well-known pieces, his recent works in various medium such as painting, sculpture and drawing, the exhibit will also include KAWS’ commercial projects such as apparel, accessories and toys from OriginalFake (KAWS’ retail venture with Japan’s Medicom Toy).

The exhibition explores KAWS’ appeal in the popular culture, showcases how KAWS’ work are easily accessible to everyone, and hence, immensely successful amongst a diverse audience. Aside from an uncanny ability to create provocative and iconic characters (often serpentine in form, often donning “X” for their eyes, and often extremely colorful), KAWS is known for pushing the boundaries between street and high art, and more often than not, blurring the boundary between both. While the exhibition will be showcasing some commercial products, since this is a museum showing, the pieces exhibited will not be for sale. The exhibition will be running from June 27 all the way through January 2011, so if you are a great fan of KAWS and would like to enjoy a carefully curated museum solo exhibition, do plan a trip out to Ridgefield, CT sometime.


From those paintings alone it looks like KAWS will have some interesting installations on exhibit. I don't have any trips to Connecticut planed; maybe KAWS can do an exhibit at Phoenix Art Museum, that way I can experience his work in person. I would like to see what he has created other than the great pieces you've showed here.