OUTLIER – Ultralight Summer Pants | Available Now

By - June 22nd, 2010

Billed as “the ones that barely exist…”, the new Ultralight Pants from OUTLIER is just that, ultra light. So what is the secret? Without giving too much away, Outlier would only say a “blend of various nylon”. Now, first, abandon your preconceive notion of nylon. These are not the clinging form your mother wore, literally. Instead, the double woven, micro variant of it create an unique mix, a softer inner lining the wick moisture and a texture exterior for abrasion and water resistance. Clearly not satisfied with the standalone nylon fabric, Outlier pre-treated each with “self-cleaning nanosphere”. No more worrying about stains as you stride with ease or ride across various terrain this summer. Made in NYC with Swiss fabric, available in Minted Gray and Dusted Blue, the Ultralight Summer Pants from Outlier is currently available at OUTLIER‘s online store.