adiCup 2010 Herzogenaurach Pack adidas x 46664

By - June 23rd, 2010

adiCup 2010 Herzogenaurach Pack  adidas x 46664

This might be a mouth-full for non-German speaker. But we were told it was quite difficult for some German natives. To simplified the tongue-twisting nomenclature, most would just call adidas‘ hometown “Herzo”. What ever the correct pronunciation might be, one thing is for sure, Herzo will be filled with soccer fans this weekend as adiCup rolls into town. The final draw before the prize a paid trip to join the World Cup festivities in South Africa, this all important match-up with best teams from New York, Tokyo, Berlin, and London would be the most intense, thrilling, and likelihood, heartbreaking.

As a perfect compliment, adidas will be introducing the last of the adidas Consortium Series for adiCup a collaborative effort between adidas and Nelson Mandela’s 46664 not-for-profit organization. Named after Mandela’s prisoner number on Robben Island penitentiary, the organization directly assists projects in the fight against the spread of AIDS and HIV. Take into account the challenges ahead for everyone; Mandela’s declared, “It’s in our hands” during a 2008 concert. Thus, the “hand” became the insignia for the cause.

The Herzogenaurach Pack includes a soccer jersey, with 46664 “hand” and adidas Trefoil embroidered in white. In addition, an adiCup 2010 logo embroidered in gold at the hem. A spin-off the classic Copa Mundial soccer boot, the new VOTARY boot carries the tradition onward with a Gazelle outsole, along with a new colorway of white on black premium leather. A special tournament ball in the same white details on black along with the 2 organization’s logos in gold and the Tango, for soccer is a beautiful dance on turf to watch. Neatly put away in a matching leather bag, only 250 of these will be made available.

adiCup 2010 Herzogenaurach Pack  adidas x 46664

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