By - June 24th, 2010

Enshrouded in tradition, the Japanese city of Kyoto is the ideal destination for weary travelers looking for escapism from modern-day hustling. Nestled right between Osaka and Tokyo, the city is just a short hop away on the super efficient Shinkansen, or the famed Bullet Train. Though no longer the capital city of Japan, Kyoto is still the cultural epic center of Japanese tradition, where kimono-clad geisha peeked around the narrow alleys and streets lined with ancient Imperial artifacts.

Bearing an assortment of limited merchandises, Nigo (of A Bathing Ape) swung by the BAPEXCLUSIVE location in Kyoto recently in preparation for NIGO’S WORKSHOP, a special initiative to celebrate BAPE’s 17th Anniversary. In light of which the creative director will be introducing a line of BAPEXCLUSIVE Kyoto products not available else where this weekend. To emphasize the cultural importance of Kyoto, Nigo tapped assistance from the city’s long-standing institutions for the collection. There is Eirakuya (永楽屋), textile print maker since 1615, which created a series of accessories based on BAPE 1st Camo pattern, Maisendo (舞扇堂), a specialist in hand crafted paper fans, designed collapsible fan also based on the 1st Camo pattern. Slotted in between are items of modernity, such as Samurai Baby Milo cellphone trinket and of course, Baby Milo logo tees.

Set to launch this weekend as part of NIGO’S WORKSHOP, all items will be available only at BAPEXCLUSIVE Kyoto.

33 Otabi-cho Shijyoutori Teramachi Higashiru | Map
Shimokyo-ku Kyoto Japan
TEL #: +81-75-255-5855