La MJC x Lacoste Broadwick

By - June 24th, 2010

La MJC x Lacoste Broadwick “Fluctat nec Mergitur”, an old Latin phrase translated to mean “The boat rocks but never sinks”, is not only a metaphor of a mental twister (pointing to something about determination and survival, perhaps?), but also the motto of Paris, and present in the city’s coat of arms depicting a ship floating on rough seas. In the spirit of surviving through tumultuous waves, and everything that’s authentically Paris, nothing can represent the iconic Parisian creativity, lifestyle and attitude more than creative collective, La MJC. Drawing forces from two French icons, La MJC and heritage sportswear label, Lacoste, the duo has partnered up to create a fresh pair of nautical-inspired kicks for the summer, based on Lacoste’s signature low-top Broadwick model.

La MJC has dressed the Lacoste Broadwick cotton upper up in light blue pinstripes, reminiscent of the popular summer seersucker, and speckled it with a cherry red embroidery of the Parisian coat of arms, the sail boat, Clean and preppy, the shoes feature leather tongue tags with the Latin motto, “Fluctat nec Mergitur”. Sweet and dandy, these are perfect for pairing with cuffed khakis as the folks of La MJC has demonstrated, and will be available exclusively at colette on July 3, and at Solemart on July 4.

La MJC x Lacoste Broadwick

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