BAPE New York Pirate Store + Apple Store | Line-Up Galore

By - June 25th, 2010

BAPE New York Pirate Store + Apple Store | Line Up Galore

There was no time to enjoy the glorious summer weather this Friday afternoon for hundreds in New York City.  Instead, they stomped across the cobblestone streets in SoHo to the BAPE store since today marks the first day of A Bathing Ape Pirate Store, where everything for sale at 50% – 75% off original prices.  Armed with folding chairs, more than a dozen arrived early this morning for a coveted spot on the queue.  Rumor has it a few even slept in their cars over night just be ahead of the crowd.  Once the store opened at Noon, however, the front of the line dissolved into a mass jumbled bodies.  Aside from getting into the store, others, like commodity traders on the exchange floor, are shouting orders over the phone to the few folks in-store.  To observe “good neighbor” rule, the staff at BAPE even unlocked an alleyway for crowd to filter in.  Still, the growing line-up quickly spilled around the block.

With all queue/line-up, the “veterans” know it is the best time to showcase their past accomplishments.  Not much different this afternoon as folks wore a rainbow of limited editions or hard-to-get items.  A few exclusive BAPE kicks, collaboration tee with KAWS, Japan-only products, Nike Foamposite Cough Drop from last weekend, various Air Jordans, even the adidas Consortium x mastermind JAPAN… And then, there were the Nike Air Yeezys.  As if an open casting call went over the air, the Yeezys came out in force, with 6 pairs counted in an hour along.

But something overshadowed this queue just 1 street block north.  Over 400 people lined around the Apple Store SoHo on the corner of Prince Street as today was the day after the launch of iPhone 4.  Unlike other iPhone 4 phenomenon (or iPhrenzy) around the city, this one won the distinction of having what seemed like half of Chinatown on line.  No surprise there.  While iPhone have become fashionably hot accessories to own.  In China, they take up an almost mythical quality since the phone was not launched officially till last year.  And with prices for a iPhone 3GS still hovering around $1000 in some area, its easy to see why so many folks from Chinatown want to cash-in on this craze.

BAPE New York
91 Greene Street | Map
New York, NY 10012
TEL #: 212-925-0222

Sale Date:
June 25th (Friday) June 30th (Wednesday)

Friday Saturday | Noon 7 pm
Sunday | Noon 6 pm
Monday Wednesday | Noon 7 pm

BAPE New York Pirate Store + Apple Store | Line Up Galore

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