A Curious Incident Of Time: When Dee & Ricky Meets G-Shock

By - June 29th, 2010

A Curious Incident Of Time: When Dee & Ricky Meets G Shock

It reveals and conceals, peels back layers, upon layers, upon layers. It is analog, and it is also digital. Gears and trinkets work tirelessly in a magnetic resistant field, noting the passing of time down to a pinpoint precision, looking slightly byzantine in the dial. This, is the new G-Shock GA-110 model, and with a complex dial that is this intricately layered, it seems like the most impossible concept to pin on the watch would be fun and play. But when the GA-110 debuted in flamboyant candy shades, it seems like contrast and shock is what G-Shock is aiming for.

Taking the concept of play one step further, G-Shock had reached out to the LEGO design whiz duo, Dee & Ricky, to put their signature touches on the watch. Surprisingly, the result is something that is quite characteristically Dee & Ricky, recognizably LEGO, but departs quite significantly from the duo’s usual work.

Prior to G-Shock, Dee & Ricky had worked with labels such as Pepsi, but in that collaboration, the duo recreated the Pepsi logo with LEGO. And before that, Dee & Ricky’s rise to fame probably came from Marc Jacobs picking up their playful LEGO pins for his runway show. Since then, the duo has led somewhat of an enviable life manipulating toys many of us loved as children, and doing something quite lucrative with them.

While those who are familiar with the dynamic duo would probably expect some kind of LEGO blocks to appear on the design itself, Dee & Ricky decided to shock the crowd and simply infuse the GA-110 with the essence of LEGO. Namely, primary colors, color blocked segments, and simply keeping things playful but not ostentatious. The Dee & Ricky G-Shock GA-110 may be eye-catching, but it is not conspicuous or jarring.

The watch first debuted at the Las Vegas JCK trade show in the beginning of June, and was launched with a big bang at the Bowery Hotel in New York City a few weeks ago. To celebrate the launch of a debut collaboration, both between Dee & Ricky and G-Shock, and also the first time the GA-110 has been used as a canvas in partnership, we have taken a little bit of time out to chat with both Tadashi Shibuya from G-Shock, and the crazed design duo, Dee & Ricky about this project.


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