Rockwell – Summer 2010 – Handmade Beach Bag Collection

By - June 29th, 2010

Summer is here and in need a of a cool, manly (as can be) tote to carry your belongings, be it towels, shades, books, tunes or booze, to the beach? Nothing says “Yes! I’m manly enough to carry a bag and this lives up to the masculinity” like some artful nudity. Dutch artist Parra’s scandalous and fanciful creatures make for the perfect graphic bags and here it is. Some of your favorite Parra illustrations and graphics have been turned into handmade tote bags by Daver, and the best part about these bags is the subtlety in hiding the graphics, so nothing is full frontal. Leaves something to the imagination, doesn’t it? These are currently available online at Rockwell, but since these are handmade, the quantities are limited.