WTAPS – Summer 2010 T-Shirt Collection

By - July 2nd, 2010

WTAPS   Summer 2010 T Shirt Collection

Plain white tees? With the WTAPS touch, plain white tees are not so plain anymore. In fact, after the Japanese label has put its creative two cents on the classic sartorial staple which traverses through gender, age and any possible social strata, white t-shirts can be fun, ironic, and even biting. WTAPS’ Summer 2010 T-Shirt Collection sees some interesting pieces such as a trompe l’oeil featuring suspenders, and a recipe piece which details confusion, desire, abomination, passion, solitude, ego, perplexion and mercy as the way of life of WTAPS. No matter how many button downs there are, whether this summer it’s all about the short-sleeved shirts or plaid, or seersucker or gingham, there is nothing like a classic graphic t-shirt that makes for a characteristic summer.

WTAPS   Summer 2010 T Shirt Collection

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