Man Is In The Forest: A Conversation with Ben Yue of Disney

By - July 3rd, 2010

Man Is In The Forest: A Conversation with Ben Yue of Disney

Walt Disney once said, “I believe in being an innovator.” and surely the company he left behind has gone on to do just that, creating some of the best and most innovative movies of our generation. The brand is now one of the most recognizable in the entire world and licenses it’s products in various different countries. Disney has collaborated with a number of high profile brands in the past year that have caught our attention including Supreme, NEIGHBORHOOD, UNIQLO, and more.

Most recently Disney made a splash in Shanghai, China through an entirely new collaboration with Hong Kong’s CLOT, founded by Edison Chen and Kevin Poon. Disney and CLOT got together to create an entirely new retail concept that will feature the world’s best Disney collaboration products including collaborations with some of the world’s most famous artists and brands including CLOT, ANTIPAST, Bounty Hunter, Cassette Playa, Charlotte Tarantola, devilrobots, Dr. Romanelli, Han Cholo, Hysteric Mini, Johnathan Saunders, Milkfed, Secret Base, Campana Bros and WHIZ Limited . The store in called, Man Is In The Forest, which has a special meaning in itself that relates back to Walt Disney’s beginning.

WMan Is In The Forest is now open in Shanghai, just down the street from CLOT’s other retail venture in Shanghai, JUICE, and the store is a part of a new development that houses a number of other boutiques and restaurants. The store’s grand opening was held a few weeks ago and attendees included Edison Chen, Kevin Poon, Hilary Tsui, Kazuki Kuraishi, Madasaki Tsuchiya, and a number of other celebrities and influencers.

We recently had a chance to sit down with Ben Yue, the Senior Product Development Manager of Disney’s Fashion Division in Greater China, who conceptualized the store and collaboration. Ben sat down with us to discuss how the store came about, how Disney decided to work with CLOT on this new store and collection of apparel, and more.


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