Levi’s Tailor Shop – San Francisco, California | Opens Now

By - July 4th, 2010

Levis Tailor Shop   San Francisco, California | Opens Now

The timing is absolutely impeccable. Being that today is July 4th, America’s Independence Day, Levi’s opened its first ever customization retail concept, the Levi’s Tailor Shop, at its Union Square flagship store in San Francisco (also home to its parent company, Levi Strauss & Co.). Maxed from floor to ceiling with machinery, antiquated imagery and icons, the shop reflects an atmosphere similar to a turn-of-the century general store. All with a single purpose, to assist in the customization process as either inspirations or tools. The range of selection could be overwhelming at times, everything from buttons, screen prints designs, to the Levi’s patches and even special edition Field Notes. But its likely the attentive specialist will walk you through the process, no matter how indecisive you might be. Once again proven the rumor about American denim’s early demise is just that, a rumor. via: ACL

Levi’s Tailor Shop – Levi’s Union Square
300 Post Street | Map
San Francisco, CA 94108
TEL #: 415-501-0100

Levis Tailor Shop   San Francisco, California | Opens Now

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when is this coming to nyc!!!?????