UCS x Quoddy – Trail Moccasin Deck Boots

By - July 5th, 2010

UCS x Quoddy   Trail Moccasin Deck Boots

By the Passamaquoddy Bay in Maine, you will find the Shorey family, who’s been handcrafting shoes since 1909. All ardent believers in the tenet that hand-made fooftwear will always outlast those from modern, industrialized production line, the Shorey’s still makes theirs the way the founder Harry Smith Shorey made them over 100 years ago one pair for one cobbler, from start to finish. A proven process to ensure each pair is unlike any other, including the upcoming collaboration with Japan’s UCS.

A part of mixed martial artist Caol Uno’s growing franchise, UCS (short for Uno Caol Showten) will introduce the Trail Moccasin Deck Boots, a slightly updated variant of the classic Quoddy‘s Trail Moccasin. Featuring a revised outsole provided by specialist Vibram, the boots include a full-grain leather lining and a collaborative logo felt along the tongue. In both light grey or black colorways, the UCS x Quoddy – Trail Moccasin Deck Boots will be release as part of UCS Fall/Winter 2010 Collection in the later half of November. However, interested parties could pre-order a pair now at ZOZOTOWN‘s Cueve online store. The offer is open only to Japanese consumers and will last till July 12th.

UCS x Quoddy   Trail Moccasin Deck Boots