Paris’ Newest Apple Store | Inside Look

By - July 6th, 2010

Paris Newest Apple Store | Inside Look

Gone are the days of chrome and glass. But when you are nestled right across the street from the famous Opera de Paris, something too exceptionally modern and minimal might seem out of place and honestly, a little inconsiderate of the environment. Hence, when Apple opened up its new flagship in Paris, it decided to keep the original intricate moldings, carved wooden stairs, wrought iron railings, doors and a beautiful mosaic floor. In true Apple fashion though, a bright, airy open space lives on and breathes cleanly with ease.

The store had recently opened and like numerous other Apple stores around the globe, attracted multitudes of fans hoping to bring home an iPhone 4. Perhaps with a stunning space like this, waiting in line isn’t quite as a pain in the neck. via: Gizmodo

Paris Newest Apple Store | Inside Look

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