Stussy x WHIZ Limited – 10th Anniversary T-Shirt + Fitted Cap | The Tribe Of Whiz Collection

By - July 6th, 2010

His calm and cordial demeanor never gave any slight hints of concern. Mainly because Shitano-san, the creative head of WHIZ Limited, understood his customers’ wishes and desires. Armed with that knowledge, WHIZ Limited and its retail outlet LUMP had the capacity to endure several economic downturns, along with the drastic changes in trend. In celebration of WHIZ Limited’s 10th year, Shitano-san can finally kick-back and let others, such as Stussy, to do the job for him. Launching today at selected Stussy chapters across Japan is the Stussy x WHIZ Limited 10th Anniversary Collection. Known as “The Tribe Of Whiz” collection, a new take on Stussy’s World Tribe slogan, the limited edition include the 10th Anniversary T-Shirt, with large white imprint of Stussy skull (plus WHIZ’s pulse insignias) and 76 Summit logo from WHIZ. The line also includes a New Era 59FITTED Cap, embroidered with 76 Summit logo superimposed by Stussy’s linked double-S. 2 versions were produced, the Blue/Black variant for Stussy and a Red/Black edition exclusively available at the 76 Summit, the WHIZ Limited 10th Anniversary Party that took place in Tokyo last evening.

Release Date: July 6th (TODAY!!!) | Available through selected Stussy locations in Japan.