BAPE – DARU MILO Exhibition | Preview

By - July 7th, 2010

Considered a toy and a talisman of good luck, the Daruma doll is one of the most iconic Japanese trinkets. Very much like the Maneki Neko. Continuing on his run of exhibitions, NIGO has been working tirelessly in outfitting the BAPE Gallery with carefully designed BAPE Daruma dolls for the Daru Milo (also pronounced as “Darumairo” which means things about the Daruma) exhibition. Check the convoy of Baby Milo heads rendered in the classic Daruma doll shape, and the Daruma doll made over with the BAPE Camo collage prints. Take a sneak peek at the exhibition that is set to open tomorrow and if you can, visiting in person is definitely more interesting than looking at pictures. via: NIGO