Billionaire Boys Club - Season 11 Look Book | Behind The Scenes Video

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The Billionaire Boys Club has been rolling for 11 seasons strong now, and fans of the label's quirky t-shirts with a whimsical, playful sense of humor has grown up with the brand which has expanded from being centered on t-shirts to something with a little more mature tailoring, thoughtful designs, and subtle details. As we had previously previewed the label's Season 11 look book for Fall/Winter 2010, which is quite a stand out collection of eclectic styles, bold prints and creative adaptations (A short suit featuring a checked double breasted blazer with matching shorts is perfect for the man who wants to be slightly serious but don't want to take himself to seriously.). Like some of the previous seasons, Pharrell has made an appearance in this upcoming season's look book as well, and now there is a behind-the-scenes video which documents Pharrell infront of the camera for the shoot. Enjoy, and also enjoy the soundtrack to the video, "Hot N' Fun Ft. Nelly Futado".