Nike Air 1/2 Cent Eggplant | Detailed Look

By - July 11th, 2010

Abrasive and slightly aggravating (since the voice-over was that of comedian Chris Rock), Penny Hardaway’s miniature doppelganger, Lil’ Penny, is getting quite the attention since the introduction of the Nike Air Half Cent. This holiday season, the company has even more surprise in-store an Eggplant variant of the Nike Air 1/2 Cent. Feature the familiar translucent sole, iridescent upper, and the nestled holographic image of Lil’ Penny on the outsole. All wrapped up in the familiar Eggplant colorway of Foamposite. Set to launch this holiday season along with a set of Cranberry Air 1/2 Penny, online retailer MarqueeSole was able to obtain a few pairs for an early release. Very limited in quantity.