SECRET BASE x USUGROW – Rebel Ink Premium Blue Version Vinyl Figure

By - July 11th, 2010

Wondering what those hurried footsteps was as you walked home last night? They might be from this “thing”. The Rebel Ink is Japanese artist USUGROW‘s alter ego. Armed with paint brush and ink pen, Rebel Ink is about going against the grain, abandon the common beliefs, and reject the institutions already in place. Realized in 7-inch figure by Kaiju specialist, SECRET BASE, each is cast in vinyl first, then plated with blue metallic finishes, tattooed with ’s graphics on front and back. Then finally, an appliqué of flock in black. The arduous production process means less than 100 were made. Set to launch in a few days, the figure is now available for pre-order on ARMTH online shop within the ZOZOTOWN shopping network.