2010 FIFA World Cup | Event Recap

By - July 12th, 2010

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A World Cup full of ups and downs, some memorable, some not so much. With Spain snagging the coveted 2010 FIFA World Cup trophy back home, and Spain celebrating with an overflow of sangria and ham, 2010 FIFA World Cup has finally closed and it will be another four years before teams such as Brazil and USA come back for revenge. Well, on that note, everyone except for Spain will be trying to make it back for revenge. A quick verbal run through of some notable happenings– strangely, everyone in Nike’s Write The Future campaign were out of the game when the matches are heating up; Paul the soothsayer octopus has proven that animal intuition is a lot more complex than human minds can comprehend; Germany had an interesting 4 goal streak; USA were miracle workers until last minute comebacks didn’t show up on the courts; and last but not least, the adidas Jabulani ball which has enjoyed the high voltage spotlight of controversy from the beginning of the game till the end. Sure, this list is by no means exhaustive and there are many more memorable things we can possibly bring up, but words can only say so much. Meanwhile, a picture speaks a thousand words, so The Big Picture has brought us a wonderful recap of the key moments in 2010 FIFA World Cup from beginning till the end, when fireworks are set off and Iniesta raised the trophy into the sky with pride (shirt on). Check out the pictures, and get a quick refreshing dose of the World Cup again if you are still suffering from withdrawals. images via: The Big Picture

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soccer goalie shirts
soccer goalie shirts

bad ball and bad call from the ref are the highlights of the tournament.


Still celebrating the championship...epic!!!! My highlights...Adidas selling more than a million of spanish shirts but a big failure, the terrible jabulani, and Nike shining on the grass with their Mercurial boots. And of course...Spain!!!!!