STPL x Oakley – History of Oakley by Staple Design | Eyeshield + Radar Sunglasses

By - July 12th, 2010

If you’re an avid reader of his former blog “To Darrin Hudson…“, you know designer/market maker Jeff Staple traveled the globe in search of the newest, the best, or simply for inspiration. So when a few inconspicuous photos of Oakley‘s fortress-like headquarter appeared last year, we knew something interesting was brewing. Indeed, a year and some months later, Staple introduced the History of Oakley by Staple Design, a visual reference and timeline of Oakley’s products through its 35 years. The collection encompassed 6 models and to adhere to Oakley’s long commitment to the world of sports, Staple had each signify key athletic attributes in the company’s history, with the first 2 models unveiling tomorrow night. the Eyeshield (tennis) and the Radar (golf).

Truly ahead of its time (you could just tell by its futuristic design), the Eyeshield was the very first Oakley sunglasses. After a succession BMX and motocross related products, James Jannard, the founder of Oakley, formulated a design where riders and others could enjoy the benefits of Oakley advanced eye protection off the course. Re-designed by Staple, the frame is entirely in “tennis ball fuzz”. Since they will fall off if glued on, the entire process was done electro-statically. Furthermore, the Eyeshade comes with all the Oakley benefits adjustable ear pieces and 2 interchangeable lens, a Emerald Iridium laser-etched with tennis court inspired lines and a Grey Iridium lens.

Because Oakley had to dust off the mold to create this special edition, only 150 pairs will be available around the world at select Oakley retailers.