T-19 Skateboards x New Era – Spring/Summer 2010 – 10SS Cap

By - July 12th, 2010

At the creation of T-19 Skateboards, the intent of it was never about creating a skate label. Instead, it served a much “selfish” function as a place of gathering for founding member Chaka and other skaters. Through a succession of well-publicized articles and the inclusion of Hiroshi Fujiwara on the skate team (purportedly, Fujiwara is quite a street skater though loath competition), T-19 became the entity that it is now.

For Summer 2010, T-19 is issuing its own 59FIFTY designs with New Era. True to its going against the grain nature, the resulting creations are anything but the traditional 59FIFTY Fitted. Influenced by the standard issue military flat top, T-19 formulated its own combination of part baseball cap and part military. Thinly banded with pinstripe or all-black, the caps come in to particular designs, a large T or an emblem of T- 19, a snake wrapped around a bear. Embroider along the rear is another T-19 insignia, the “burger tank”, in the likeness of the MLB logo. Limited in production run, the T-19 x New Era 10SS Caps are now available at H.L.N.A. online store in ZOZOTOWN.