Kanye West & Amber Rose – Terry Richardson

By - July 12th, 2010

Kanye West & Amber Rose   Terry Richardson

Love him or hate him, Kanye West is back in the spotlight with a newly released single, Power, and has been seen gallivanting about town. Regardless of how one feels about West’s Swift debacle last year, bad boy photographer Terry Richardson is never one to shy away from controversial characters or poses or issues. Just posted on Richardson’s slightly scandalous but widely followed Tumblr blog are some shots he took of West and his girlfriend, Amber Rose. Let’s just say, sure, this is not as conspicuously provocative as other Richardson’s work, but his distinct flavor and thematic preference is still there, so if you are slightly shy, take a deep breathe before taking the jump.

Kanye West & Amber Rose   Terry Richardson

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Jayne Jetson
Jayne Jetson

The duck bill is back and wth is he doing to her scalp?