adidas Originals – Fall/Winter 2010 – Relace Collection | Available Now

By - July 13th, 2010

What can laces do? Laces can secure your shoes to your feet. Perhaps be made into a bracelet, perhaps be used in an emergency to stop excessive bleeding from a deep cut. Or in Nike’s terms, laces can save lives and be turned into a tennis ball. But, adidas Originals reimagined the indispensable component of sneakers and shoes, and give them new lives. Fatten them and have them masquerade around as girly satin bows so low-top kicks can get a little princess-y make over; line them up around the ankles and make them into a swishy boot that looks like a playful fringed moccasin; turn them into three-stripes on track jackets; make them into Trefoils…and the possibilities go on. Relace your belongings this season as the collection is now available at adidas Originals.


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