Shanghai Apple Store | Inside Look

By - July 13th, 2010

In New York, Fifth Avenue has the Apple Cube; in Paris, a little old world charm creates a beautiful juxtaposition between history and technology, and in Shanghai, the new Apple Store is decidedly local and well-rounded– both literally and figuratively speaking. Set in the middle of a circular atrium, the new Shanghai Apple Store exists underground, with a large glass cylindrical tube winding downwards.

The store, just opened last Saturday, is indeed inspired by the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue. However, as the Chinese believe in the beauty of “roundness” (circles represent perfection), the new Apple Store stays embedded in concentric circles. Also, the cylindrical tube represents a pebble dropped into a pond, and concentric circles represent ripples of energy radiating throughout China. Lyrical, isn’t it?

The new store has been captured by Bernstein&Andriulli’s photographer, Roy Zipstein. Zipstein is a long-time partner of Apple and has been the designated photographer for numerous store openings, including the one on Fifth Avenue. images via: BA Reps

al dipalo
al dipalo

Absolutely, positively beautiful and non intrusive to the skyline. A brilliant design. A square of open space for people to gather and mingle. Great Job.