DD172 Pop-Up Shop

By - July 15th, 2010

DD172 Pop Up Shop

An energetic house of creativity, beats, and now also a sweat shop– just kidding, it’s more like a screen-printing work shop– DD172 may lie nestled in the quiet Tribeca area, but their creative gears are always grinding. DD172 has partnered up with adidas Originals to bring a series of mini concerts featuring some key artists such as Curren$y, and for some of its other musical showcases, the spot has always purveyed related goods such as t-shirts and accessories. This time around, DD172 has opened up a pop-up shop in celebration of Curren$y’s album release, featuring official product of Jets, Ski-Beats, and Blackroc. The t-shirts are screen-printed by hand at the DD172 Color Bar, hence made and born in New York. Check out the pop-up shop here.

DD172 Pop Up Shop

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