UNDRCRWN – Globe Trotter Collection | Available Now

By - July 15th, 2010

Beyond the headlines, the rumors, the soothsaying aquatic creatures, all athletes play to win, to conquer, and to dominate. Leave it to the design of Dustin Canalin and UNDRCRWN (UNDER-CROWN) to theorize what a world is to be like with athletes, particularly basketball players, in political positions, to “truly dominate the world” as they see fit? First speculation will be to propagate across the globe the place where they can showcase their dominance the basketball court. But not just in cities and towns, instead, in decadence and places of high living Miami Beach, Dubai, Monaco, and Saint Tropez. The league will no longer be the NBA, but as the newly established Global Trotter. For this imaginary basketball league, UNDRCRWN formulated tournament jerseys and graphics, all filled with destinations, points of reference, and vibrant colors to match. So take some time out and imagine what it would be like if LeBron became the President… The UNDRCRWN Globe Trotter Collection is available at its online store and select retailers around the world