adidas Originals Hardland | Available Now

By - July 16th, 2010

On the product catalog, its classified as a basketball sneaker. Just the contrary, the Highland from adidas Originals is a basketball and more. Its network of panels and overlay are the ideal playground for designers. And not to forget the unique lacing system with a somewhat cryptic 3-stripes down in the middle, little wonder why Masaaki Homma of mastermind JAPAN selected it as the medium for his collaboration.

A little more embellished than the mastermind JAPAN collaboration, the standard issue Highlands is a collage of detailing snakeskin printed accents, silver mesh studs, and more, all on premium suede and leather. A perfect mixed bag of goodies for skaters, fashionistas, rockers and etc… The adidas Originals Highland in Black is currently available at England’s size?


These are tight! look pretty rockstar in those