Alexander McQueen x PUMA – Fall/Winter 2010 – Sneakers Collection

By - July 16th, 2010

There is a particular significance to this collection, because, this is the last Alexander McQueen x PUMA collaboration McQueen actually laid his hands on, before he had unfortunately left the fashion world weeping and passed on earlier this year. With his collaboration with PUMA, the design has always been sleek with a dark twist, as of many other McQueen’s very own eponymous designs and diffusion labels. One common running theme through out the PUMA AMQ collection is an idee fixe with biology. Look on the bottom of the shoes and it is not difficult to find a skeletal patterned sole, and sometimes, like in the Fall/Winter 2010 collection of sneakers, we see patterns reminiscent of cells, sometimes animal, sometimes cellulose. Regardless, McQueen’s design always win in the details, be it an overarching stripe that stretches across the forefoot and onto the midsoles, a metal lace trinket, or twisted and sliced leather panels that reveal another layer of color underneath while creating shape of the signature PUMA running stripe. Check out the collection, and if you are a McQueen fan, this is the last chance to cope something of his without having to hunt on eBay.