mastermind JAPAN x LOVE PHOTO x LOVE CHECK – T-Shirt Collection

By - July 16th, 2010

mastermind JAPAN x LOVE PHOTO x LOVE CHECK   T Shirt Collection

An ambitious project focusing on capturing the moment, all improvised and unrehearsed, a somewhat contradictory statement yet it’s the origin of Japan’s LOVE PHOTO x LOVE CHECK project, a collusion of art photography and fashion. Designated with the leading Japanese photographer and sensual models to feature on the latest fashion magazines, the initiative is to capture the moment in the model’s most relax state, away from the assistants, the art directors, just an intimate atmosphere with impromptu set-ups. The project also draws attention to important affiliates, the Tokyo Fashion Week and The Organic Cotton Association. Both are already influential in the nestled Japanese fashion industry, but ever more so now during the economy downturn.

Joining the rotation of labels as a sponsor is Masaaki Homma’s mastermind JAPAN, which designed 2 editions specifically for this project. A graphical take on its name, Homma fabricated checker prints in both concepts as a humorous reference. Another obvious reference is the skull and cross bones, mastermind JAPAN’s insignia. The limited collection comes in both men and women sizing, available exclusively at ZOZOMESSE section of ZOZOTOWN shopping network.

mastermind JAPAN x LOVE PHOTO x LOVE CHECK   T Shirt Collection