adidas Originals – Fall/Winter 2010 – A.039 Collection | Drop 1

By - July 22nd, 2010

adidas Originals   Fall/Winter 2010   A.039 Collection | Drop 1

What makes an outfit? Think in terms of the bigger picture–what is the vibe you are going for? School boy casual with an urban twist? Then, think small, what makes up school boy? What makes up casual? And what is the last does of urban? A toggle coat (preppy) with a large logo print (urban); a striped shirt (preppy) layered under a graphic knit v-neck (preppy and urban); and last but not least, a pair of clean white sneakers and a pair of reformed sweat pants that are more sleek than slept in? adidas Originals A.039 may be named after the code for adidas Originals blue, but it is an outfit driven collection designed to purvey complete looks that are sporty and timeless, and for those who are looking for a little more subtlety without compromising on the Originals energy.

For Fall/Winter 2010, the color palette and patterns continue to remain rather simple in stripes and monochrome, save one or two animal motifs which have popped up on sweaters and jackets. Sneakers wise, high-top and low-top kicks continue to remain abbreviated so as to compliment instead of steal the show from the rest of the outfit. Perhaps, in the world of A.039, things are balanced. And when one looks balanced, one looks effortless. Take a closer look at the collection, and if you do enjoy the adidas Originals by Originals James Bond for David Beckham designs, you can’t go wrong with the slim striped button down and updated grey sweats! The collection had just hit racks on July 10, so do hit up your closest A.039 retailer and check out the collection in person.

adidas Originals   Fall/Winter 2010   A.039 Collection | Drop 1

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